Christmas Lunch 2021 – Espoo, Matinkylä

Joululounas Ravintola Freja

Come and enjoy Freja’s Christmas lunch in an enchanting milieu!

Welcome to the Freja’s rich Christmas lunch buffet, which includes tasty starter, main course and dessert options. Come and relax with friends, family or colleagues! With Freja’s delicious Christmas lunch, you will tune into the Christmas atmosphere in a charming milieu.

Christmas lunch will be served from 13 to 23 December 2021 on weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm.

48 € / person

Book a Christmas lunch from our sales service:

Tel. 040 456 2059 (Mon-Fri 9 am-4pm) |

Christmas Lunch Menu:

Green salad and orange-fennel sauce M, G

Ice cellar salmon, pickled radish and pomegranate M, G

Roasted beetroots, walnuts and goat cheese L, G

Marinated red onions M, G

GIN grandmother’s pickles M, G

Roasted cherry tomatoes and truffle mayonnaise VEG, G

Mushroom salad L, G

Rosolli salad and beetroot cream L, G

Herring M, G

Roast and Dijon mayonnaise M, G

Potatoes, cucumbers and roe mousse L, G

Boiled potatoes, dill and butter L, G


Overnight stewed beef breast with sage broth M, G

Salmon and lobster sauce L, G

Pernod potatoes L, G

Like Meat Schnitzel and vegan harissa mayonnaise VEG, G

Roasted turmeric carrots VEG, G


Aura Gold cheese L, G

BRIE cheese L, G

Västerbotten cheese L, G

Cherry chutny VEG, G

Cloudberry panna cotta L, G

Cranberry parfait and salt-caramel L, G

Chocolates and marmalades

48 € / person

Book a Christmas lunch from our sales service:

Tel. 040 456 2059 (Mon-Fri 9 am-4pm) |

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Graavilohta ravintola Frejan brunssilla ystävänpäivänä 14.2.2021
Joululounas Ravintola Freja

Restaurant Freja

Suomenlahdentie 7, 02230 Espoo

It is safe to come and enjoy our delicacies of the Christmas table. We clean the common areas of the restaurant more efficiently and make sure that there is enough space between the parties. We use face masks and we always wear disposable gloves when handling food.