Freja's Brunch

Saturday Brunch – Espoo, Matinkylä

Restaurant Freja’s Saturday Brunch

Have a tasty Saturday with friends or family at Freja’s delicious brunch!

Our brunch will be available from January 22nd on Saturdays from 12 noon to 3 pm.

Price 28 € / person
(6-12 years half price, under 6 years free.)

A glass of prosecco with the brunch 5 € / glass.

Brunssi Espoo Freja

New summer brunch menu from June 4th!

Summer Brunch Menu

Lettuce and Mimosa vinaigrette VEG, G
Fresh vegetables and lettuce VEG, G
Potato salad and spring onion VEG, G
Summer tomato salad and mozzarella LL, G
Caesar salad “naturel” VL, G
Spinach-feta pie L
Smoked reindeer mousse with rye buttons L (also gluten free available)
Roast beef and fermented chili M, G


Shrimp Skagen M, G
Salmon pastramo and dill M, G
Mustard herring M, G
Blackcurrant herring M, G


Cocktail Karelian pasties L (also G)
Mini croissants
Assortment of bread M


Butter L, G
Hummus VEG, G
Orange marmalade VEG, G


Muesli selection
Fruit salad Veg


Green smoothie Veg, G
Wild berry smoothie Veg, G
Mango smoothie Veg, G


Parmesan-flavored scrambled eggs LL, G
Potato onion frying M, G
Sausage pan L, G
Beef meatballs L, G
Falafels and tahini yogurt


Carrot cake L
Belgian waffles, whipped cream and maple syrup
Doughnuts L
Mini muffins M, G
Marshmallows M, G and biscuits L

Price 28 € / person
(6-12 years old for half price.)

A glass of prosecco with the brunch 5 € / glass.

Remember to book the brunch for your party in advance.

Brunssi Espoo Freja
Brunssi Espoo Freja

Ravintola Freja

Suomenlahdentie 7, 02230 Espoo

As a Freja customer you get four hours free parking time in the Hotel Matts’ car park.