Freja’s lunch buffet on weekdays

Our renewed lunch menu serves a seasonally changing vegetable-focused appetizer table, soup, and a high-quality warm main course buffet.

There is always an option of a meat or fish dish as well as a vegetarian or vegan dish. A vegan option is always available upon request from the kitchen. Lunch includes also a soup of the day, and the starter salad table that changes according to the tastes of the seasons.

Lunch on weekdays 11 am–2 pm

  • Hot lunch, soup of the day, salad table and coffee/tea 14,50€
  • Soup of the day, salad table and coffee/tea 12€
  • Dessert with lunch 5€

Seasonally changing appetizer table

Green sallad and fresh vegetables V, GF
Saffron Yoghurt LF, GF
Sugar snap peas, cabbage and dill V, GF
Lemon marinated cauliflower and dill V, GF
Pickled vegetables V, GF
Mozzarella, peach and basil LF, GF
Fresh mint spiced melon-cucumber salad V, GF
Beluga lentils ”romesco” (inc. nuts) V, GF
Sallad with dark balsamic vinegar and roasted seeds V, GF
Fresh bread and table spread LF

Daily changing soup and hot buffet table

Monday 29.5.

Saffron spiced zucchini soup / LF, G
Root vegetable puree / LF, GF
Roasted pork and dark thyme sauce / LF, GF
Roasted sweet potato and black bean salsa / LF, GF

Tuesday 30.5.

Roasted sweet pepper soup / LF, GF
Roasted cauliflower and potatoes / DF, GF
Pike wallenberg and dill butter sauce / LF
Spinach-pancakes and rosemary marinated lingonberry

Wednesday 31.5.

Vegetarian minestrone soup / DF
Lemon oven risotto / LF, GF
Roasted chicken, pesto and parmesan / LL, GF
Roasted tempeh and vegan pesto / V, GF

Thursday 1.6.

Chili spiced corn / LF, GF
Batatas bravas / V, GF
Roasted beef and pineapple-salsa / LF, GF
Roasted eggplant, seitan and pommegranate salsa / V

Friday 2.6.

Cardamom spiced root vegetable soup / LF, GF
Penne pasta
Beef ragu
Vegetarian ragu / LF

Dessert of the week 5€

Vanilla ice cream, ice-cranberries and hot caramel

DF=Dairy free, LF=Lactose free, LL=Low lactose, GF=Gluten free, V=Vegan

More information about food and food allergens from the restaurant staff.

Lounasbuffet, Ravintola Freja
Frejan lounasbuffetin lohiannos
Frejan lounasbuffetin lämmin ruoka