Freja’s lunch buffet on weekdays

Our lunch menu serves a seasonally changing vegetable-focused appetizer table, soup, and a high-quality warm main course buffet.

There is always an option of a meat or fish dish as well as a vegetarian or vegan dish. A vegan option is always available upon request from the kitchen. Lunch includes also a soup of the day, and the starter salad table that changes according to the tastes of the seasons.

Lunch on weekdays 11 am–2 pm

  • Hot lunch, soup of the day, salad table and coffee/tea 14,50€
  • Soup of the day, salad table and coffee/tea 12€
  • Dessert with lunch 5€
  • Kids 4-12yrs. half price, under 4yrs. for free

Seasonally changing appetizer table

Green salad and fresh vegetables / V, GF
Butternut squash, haricot-beans and grilled corn  / V, GF
Red cabbage, light sesame and apple / V, GF
Chili marinated cucumber / V, GF
Quinoa, feta and pommegranate  / LF, GF
Sweet potato, pineapple and red pepper / V, GF
Green lentils, cauliflower and dill / V, GF
Hummus / V, G and herb yoghurt / LF, GF
Couscous tabbouleh / V

Bread and spreads 

Daily changing soup and hot buffet table

Monday 1.4.


Tuesday 2.4.

Creme Ninon fresh pea soup / LF, GF
Creamy pepper potatoes / LF, GF
Pan patties and tarragon-onion sauce / LF, GF
Smoked tofu and tarragon-onion sauce / V, GF

Wednesday 3.4.

Spicy tomato-lentil soup / V, GF
Herb-rice / V, GF
Parmesan chicken / LF, GF
Sweet and sour Quorn stew / V, GF

Thursday 4.4.

Cauliflower soup with vanilla / LF, GF
Dill potatoes / V, GF
Fish patties and fennel-crab sauce / LF, GF
Tempeh, beetroot and goat cheese / LF, GF, inc. nuts

Friday 5.4.

“Minestrone” spiced with fermented chili / V, GF
Herby Bulgur / V
Deepfried nacho chicken and lime mayonnaise / D, GF
“Korean style” Oumph bake / V, G

Dessert of the week 5€

French toast” and house ice cream / LF, GF 

Daily changing soup and hot buffet table

Monday 6.5.


Tuesday 7.5.

Onion soup / DF, GF
Potato-vegetable bake / V, GF
Roasted pork striploin and pepper-cream sauce / LF, GF
Cabbage and pulled peas in garlic butter / LF, GF

Wednesday 8.5.

“Arrabiata” spicy tomato soup / DF, GF
Rice / V, GF
Jerk spiced chicken and mango-curry mayonnaise / DF, GF
Jerk spiced tofu / V, GF mango-curry mayonnaise / DF, GF

Thursday 9.5.


Friday 10.5.

Ras El Hanout spiced bean soup / V, GF
Rice / V, GF
Kebab with tomato sauce / DF, GF Yoghurt sauce / LF, GF
Seitan with tomato sauce / V Yoghurt sauce / LF, GF
Garlic spiced pitabread croutons / DF

Dessert of the week 5€

Vanilla ice cream, berries and roasted white chocolate / L, G

Daily changing soup and hot buffet table

Monday 13.5.

Tomato-mascarpone soup / LF, GF
Pasta / LF, (GF)
Creamy smoked salmon sauce / LF, GF
Oven baked feta-tomato sauce / LF, GF

Tuesday 14.5.

Cheese soup / LF, GF
Roasted potato and kale / V, GF
Nduja sausage spiced meat stew / DF, GF
Lentil stew with sweet pepper / V, GF and sour cream / LF, GF

Wednesday 15.5.

Beetroot soup and blue cheese crumble / LF, GF
Mashed potatoes with dill / LF, GF
Tempura breaded cod fish and lemon mayonnaise / LF
Feta-vegetable patty and lemon mayonnaise / LF

Thursday 16.5.

Ras El Hanout spiced parsnip soup / LF, GF
Spicy roasted sweet potato / V, GF
BBQ-pork belly / LF, GF
BBQ-Oumph and artichokes / D

Friday 17.5.

Mushroom soup / LF, GF
French fries / LF, GF
Beef hamburgers / LF, (GF)
Vegetarian hamburgers / LF, (GF)

Dessert of the week 5€

Hot caramel, frozen berries and crumble / LF

Daily changing soup and hot buffet table

Monday 20.5.

Corn Soup / LF, GF
Garlic-cream potatoes / LF, GF
Lindström patty and caramelized thyme onion / LF
Beetroot patty and caramelized thyme onion / LF

Tuesday 21.5.

Pumpkin-coconut soup / V, GF
Couscous with herbs / V
Roasted garlic-chili chicken / D, GF Mint yoghurt / L
Vegetarian Kofta / V, G Mint yoghurt / L

Wednesday 22.5.

Curry spiced cauliflower soup / LF, GF
Boiled potatoes / V, GF
Salmon braised in olive oil / D, GF Dill pesto / LF, GF
Smoked tofu braised in olive oil / V, GF Dill pesto / LF, GF

Thursday 23.5.

Creamy lentil soup / LF, GF
Pasta / V
Beef ragu / D, GF Parmesan / LF, GF
Lentil-vegetable ragu / V, GF Parmesan / LF, GF

Friday 24.5.

Roasted garlic soup / LF, GF
Spiced rice / V, GF
Chili Con Carne / DF, GF Avocado cream / LF, GF
Chili Sin Carne / V, GF Avocado cream / LF, GF

Dessert of the week 5€

Caramelized banana and ice cream / LF, GF

DF=Dairy free, LF=Lactose free, LL=Low lactose, GF=Gluten free, V=Vegan

More information about food and food allergens from the restaurant staff.

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