À la carte 

Freja, A new restaurant in Espoo!

À la carte is available:
Tue-Wed: 16 – 20.30

Thu-Fri: 16 – 22.00
Sat: 15 – 22.00

Sit back and let our à la carte dishes take you to a world of delicious flavours! Some of our dishes are prepared on an authentic charcoal grill, which gives them a special grilled and roasted flavour – all year round.

Freja’s chefs offer you the best, whether you want a small snack, a whole feast or something in between. You have the option of enjoying a three-course meal full of Freja’s delicacies – or you can also just have a quick burger or salad.

All courses include delicious options for vegetarians and vegans as well. All dishes are also available in a portion size more suitable for children and at half price.

Freja’s à la carte menu