Events at Restaurant Freja

A new restaurant in Espoo – welcome!

Come and celebrate seasonal events at Freja! You can celebrate with friends, have a romantic dinner for two or spend quality time with the whole family. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a May Day brunch, Mother’s Day or a Christmas party, we are sure to offer you a menu and event planned for the special day.

Autumn brunch starts on September 3rd!

The brunch menu will be renewed on September 3. It’s wonderful to start autumn Saturdays with delicious brunch delicacies. Restaurant Frejan’s Saturday brunch is available on Saturdays from 12 noon to 3 pm.

Come spend tasty moments together with friends and family at Freja’s delicious brunch! The tables are full of tasty treats.

Do you know where the word ‘brunch’ comes from? Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, which originally originated in England. The word brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch


Brunssi Espoo Freja

Come and tase our House Cocktails!

Our bartenders conjure the best cocktails of the season, also available non-alcoholic. Come and taste the house’s new cocktails Mustaselja (Black elder) Vadelmapelto (Raspberry field) or Matinkylän aurinko (Matinkylä’s sun)!

Frejan Kesäklubi Espoo
Frejan kesäklubi

Freja’s Summer Club

starts on June 4th!

Welcome to enjoy warm and relaxing Summer Club evenings at Freja! We’ll have live music and fresh cocktails on our summer terrace and bar every other Saturday from June 4th onwards. The artists will start playing at 6 pm.

4.6. |  Unna & Sonja – Summer Jazz Vibes
18.6.|  Ella & Matias – Jazz, soul, funky and covers
2.7. |  Unna & Sonja – Summer Jazz Vibes
16.7. | Aino & Waltteri – Jazz and familiar tunes from soul
30.7. | Ella & Matias – Jazz, soul, funky and covers
13.8. | Unna & Sonja – Summer Jazz Vibes

Suo Unna & Sonja

Duo Unna & Sonja

Duo Ella & Matias
Kuva: Anton Baer

Duo Aino & Valtteri

MayDay brunch 1.5.2021

Celebrate MayDay at Freja’s brunch! The brunch includes ample of appetizers in a buffet, delicious warm main courses and dessert buffet.

Brunch is served 1.5. at 11.30 am, 1.30 pm and 3.30 pm

The price of the brunch 57 € / person.

Tuoreita munkkeja ja simaa Frejan vappulounaalla 2021 Espoossa.

Mother’s Day hearty brunch 9.5.2021

Take your mom, grandmom or spouse to a lovely Mother’s Day brunch at Freja! The delicious brunch is served on 9th of May at 11.30 am and 1.30 pm. The brunch includes table of delicious starters, main courses and sweet treats from the kitchen.

Price of the brunch 57 € / person

Brunch also available as a gift gard. When buying the gift card you’ll get sparkling wine for free!

We start serving breakfast!

We start serving breakfast from 26.4.->! Come and start your day with us on weekdays from 6.30 am to 9.30 am and on weekends from 8 am to 11 am. Our hotel styled breakfast is available for everyone!


Ravintola Frejan runsas aamiaispöytä Espoossa.

Try the monthly tasting set

Freja’s tasting set gives you the opportunity to try new flavours and maybe learn something new, at a time that suits you best.

We offer a drink tasting set that changes at least once a month. The set includes three drinks, a tasting tray and a ‘cheat sheet’ for reflection afterwards. The tasting can be done alone in your own best company, in pairs or in a small group.

So just come to the bar and ask the staff for the tasting set of the month.

Viinilaseja ravintola Frejan viinibaarissa Espoossa.

Spend Valentine’s Day 2021 with brunch at Freja!

Mimosa lasillinen ravintola Frejan ystävänpäiväbrunssilla 14.2.2021

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day brunch at Freja! There will be an ample appetiser buffet, delicious main courses and a dessert buffet.

Brunssia is served from 10.30 am to 4 pm

The price of the brunch 29 €/ person

Restaurant Freja

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