Restaurant Freja – about us

A restaurant in Espoo – welcome to Freja!

Hello! We are very excited to meet you in our restaurant Freja!

We are eager to get to meet and serve you great people of Espoo, Kirkkonummi, Helsinki and everyone else all over the world who’s coming to visit us – the future fans of Freja! Our team wants to bring something new to Matinkylä, in the form of good food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. See you soon!

Roosa ja Perttu

Our restaurant manager Roosa, together with the rest of the staff, welcomes you to Restaurant Freja!


Freja is owned by Kassiopeia Hotels & Restaurants, a Finnish company founded in 1997. Restaurant Freja is one of Kassiopeia’s many restaurants, with the nearest sister restaurant just a couple of kilometres away. You may be familiar with this cosy seaside café, Nokkalan Majakka.

Kassiopeia also owns hotels: Freja is located on the street level of the new Hotel Matts, and there are two other hotels in the wonderful Finnish Lapland. The landscape hotel Hotel Levi Panorama with its restaurants, conference services and cinema is located on the slope of the Levi fell, and the cosy Hotel K5 Levi with its services is situated right by the centre of the Levi ski resort.

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