Freja's wine bar serves different drinks in Matinkylä, Espoo.

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Our drink and wine lists are designed above all to be enjoyed! Our drinks, wines, non-alcoholic options and indulgent cocktails are the cherry on top of your dinner experience or on their own. Our staff will be happy to help you choose drinks for every occasion!

You can also come to Freja to sit down for a drink or two. Our bartenders conjure up the best cocktails of the season – also as non-alcoholic versions. Freja also offers a monthly drink tasting set.

Ravintola Frejassa myös viinibaari, josta monipuolisia juomia Espoon Matinkylässä liikkuville.

Monthly tasting set!

We have a relaxed atmosphere and it is easy to come to Freja to try new flavours, and perhaps this also lowers the threshold of learning something new.

Freja offers a drink tasting set that changes at least once a month. The set includes three drinks, a tasting tray and a ‘cheat sheet’ for reflection afterwards. The tasting can be done alone in your own best company, in pairs or in a small group. Since the tasting is independent, you can choose the time that suits you best. So just come to the bar and ask for the tasting set of the month.

Viinilaseja ravintola Frejan viinibaarissa Espoossa.

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If you get hungry, you can choose a small or big snack from our à la carte.