Easter brunch 2023 − MATINKYLÄ, ESPOO

Restaurant Freja invites you and your family & friends to a delicious Easter brunch!

On Saturday 8 April at 12-15.

The Easter brunch prepared by our great chefs is served in the casual and elegant restaurant Freja. At our wonderful Easter brunch, we serve fresh and finished flavors with friendly service in Matinkylä, Espoo.

Easter Brunch Menu

Green salad and chive vinaigrette / V, GF
Cucumber-fennel salad / V, GF
Tomato and onion salad Tuscan style / V, GF
Asparagus and beans marinated in miso / V, GF
Pickles and honey / DF, GF
Caesar salad / LF, GF
Shrimp Skagen / GF
Warm smoked salmon and dill cream / LF
Roast beef and citrus aioli / DF, GF

Bread table and spreads

Muesli bar
Freja’s fruit salad / V
Green smoothie / V
Berry smoothie / LF
Mango-coconut smoothie / V

Herbed sausage and caramelized onion / LF, GF (V)
Garlic cream potato / GF
Roasted sweet potato / V, GF
Stewed roast lamb and dark thyme sauce / LF, GF
Oumph and herbal mushroom sauce / V, GF

Mini muffins / DF, GF
Sour cream pancakes, maple syrup and jam
Blueberry pie and white chocolate cream / V
Chocolate marquise / LF, GF
Marshmallows and cookies / LF
Easter sweets
Rye pudding and cream / LF

Coffee and tea

We have a separate gluten-free table where you can find e.g. gluten-free bread and treats.

Price 35€ / person
(6-12 years old for half price, under 6 years free.)

With brunch:
Prosecco 10 cl / 5 €
Mimosa 10 cl / 5 €

Remember to book the brunch for your party in advance.

DF=Dairy free, LF=Lactose free, LL=Low lactose, GF=Gluten free, V=Vegan

More information about food and food allergens from the restaurant staff.

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