Asparagus Weeks 2025 – Espoo, Matinkylä

We will get back to asparagus weeks again next spring 2025.

The absolute delicacy of spring is, of course, asparagus! Freja celebrates asparagus weeks from 23 April to 11 May.

Asparagus menu is available during à la carte opening hours:

Tue–Thu 4 pm–10pm (kithcen 9 pm)
Fri–Sat 4 pm–11 pm (kitchen 10 pm)

3 course asparagus menu
50€ / person

Asparagus Hollandaise and pecorino cheese / LF, GF (13€)


Smoked salmon, white asparagus and roe-butter sauce / LF, GF (32€)


Rhubarb and lehtikuohu -sparkling wine / LF, GF (10€)

Portions available also separately

Please make a table reservation in advance.

Asparagus Weeks from 23 April to 11 May
Tue–Thu 4 pm–10pm (kithcen 9 pm)
Fri–Sat 4 pm–11 pm (kitchen 10 pm)

DF=Dairy free, LF=Lactose free, LL=Low lactose, GF=Gluten free, V=Vegan

More information about food and food allergens from the restaurant staff.

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