Mussel Weeks – Espoo, Matinkylä

Mussel weeks are celebrated in Freja from March 15 to April 1. Fresh mussels are served in a butter-white wine sauce. Reserve a table and come and enjoy seafood delicacies!

Mussels are available during à la carte opening hours:

Tue–Thu 4 pm–10pm (kithcen 9 pm)
Fri–Sat 4 pm–11 pm (kitchen 10 pm)

Mussels 19€

Blue mussels in a butter-white wine sauce, fresh herbs and toasted bread LF, GF

Mussel menu 35€ / person

Scallop emulsion, roasted artichoke and rainbow trout roe LF, GF

Blue mussels in butter-white wine sauce, french fries and citrus aioli LF, GF

Lemon posset, roasted white chocolate and licorice ice cream LL, GF


We only serve fresh mussels, so please note that there is a limited number of mussels and they are available as long as they last.

Please make a table reservation in advance.

Mussels weeks March 15 to April 1
Tue–Thu 4 pm–10pm (kithcen 9 pm)
Fri–Sat 4 pm–11 pm (kitchen 10 pm)

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